Surgery FAQs

Before My Surgery

Follow all instructions from your doctor and this facility to avoid cancellation of surgery. There are times special lab tests are required prior to surgery. If they are ordered we must have them back in time for your doctor or the anesthesiologist to review. Frequently you will be asked not to eat or drink prior to surgery. Please follow these instructions carefully. NPO after midnight (nothing by mouth, this includes candy, gum, or water).

Day of Surgery

Please bring your government issued photo ID, insurance card, and form of payment. Make transportation arrangements as you will not be able to drive yourself home after your procedure. Please take your blood pressure medicine in the morning with only a sip of water. Please leave any valuables (including jewelry) at home.

After Surgery

The anesthesia and nursing departments will contact you following up on your recovery progress. These will be two different phone calls from two different caretakers, one strictly in regard to anesthesia and the other strictly regard to your surgery/procedure.


Pediatric patients can wear pajamas and bring a favorite toy or security item back to the operating room with them.


Anesthesia is provided by Northside Anesthesiology Consultants, LLC. Your surgeon may have requested for you to receive anesthesia services during your procedure, this may include general anesthesia or MAC (Monitored Anesthesia Care). Your specific anesthesia plan will be presented to you on your date of service by your designated caregiver.